The Healthiest Restaurants In Austin Right Now


Ask 10 people what they love about Austin, and you’re sure to hear from at least 5 of them that the food scene here is on fire. From world famous BBQ to local farm to table meals, Austin serves up fine meals from every nook and cranny of the city. But what if you’re not trying to chow down on truffle fries and greasy tacos today (or ever)? Luckily there are tons of healthy options to keep you feeling great in the long run.

Let me help you avoid restaurant indecision with this round up of the healthiest restaurants in Austin. Away we go!
Casa De Luz

Do you ever crave a wholesome home-cooked meal to bring on those warm fuzzy feelings? Look no further than Casa De Luz, where skilled chefs serve up unique, vegan, organic, and multi-course meals everyday. Walking down the path to the front door is a zen experience in itself, but after eating your body will thank you. Come here for veggies prepared in new ways, extra healthy spins on everyday faves like tacos, and ‘vortex activated water’ on tap.


Juiceland has your back when you need a cold beverage. Every juice and smoothie here is on point, and always made of organic fruits and veggies. There’s really not a better place to meet with friends or take your (casual) date. Extra points if you can spot the larger than life gorilla perched at the original Juiceland on Barton Springs Road! Fitt Tip: Keep up with the daily and monthly special smoothies. It’s possible you’ll regret missing them until they appear again!

Bouldin Creek Cafe

Bouldin Creek is serving up some of the best vegetarian food in Austin – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some menu items like the Eggs Benedict sell out before the breakfast menu is even over! But others like breakfast tacos and the Veggie Royale Burger are always there for you. Enjoy the delights of a meat free meal that leaves you satisfied while you gaze at the ever changing local art hung all around the restaurant.

Mr. Natural

If you’ve got plans for the first Sunday of every month, you should reschedule them. Mr. Natural serves up a mean, clean vegan brunch buffet this day and it’s a must try. Beyond Sunday brunch, Mr. Natural operates with a lunch counter and dinner menu of Mexican fare like enchiladas, tostadas, and tacos (minus the grease, and with extra veggies). Not sold yet? The 100% vegan bakery case rivals that of your typical Mexican panaderia. It’s time to get that pan dulce you’ve been dreaming of.

Wheatsville Co-op

While it’s technically a grocery store, Wheatsville Co-op is one of the healthiest places to stop for a quick meal or snack. Their salad and deli bar rotates every day, but always includes lots of fresh foods (and the customer favorite Popcorn Tofu). Each item is labeled as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Who said going to the grocery store wasn’t fun?!

Flower Child

Whip out your peace fingers. Flower Child is new in town and it’s a hot spot for salads, soups, mix and match bowls, and wraps of the truly healthy variety. This is a spot to go on a day where you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the sunny patio and your Mother Earth Bowl. Like any healthy eatery, the dishes here are highly customizable so you can order exactly what your inner flower child is craving.

Counter Culture

Ask a vegan on a date and they will want to go to Counter Culture. This 100% vegan eatery is also 100% delicious and 100% cute. The daily ‘cheeze’ specials rival any gourmet cheese board, and the daily pizza specials are so creative you might need to try them all. Buffalo Chik’n Pizza anyone? There’s a reason Counter Culture is named the best place for vegan comfort food in Austin – it is. The real bonus here is that since it’s all plant based, you leave feeling like a million bucks (even if you ate a burger and cheezecake).

True Food Kitchen

Let’s get back to true food shall we? In a world of too much junk food, True Food Kitchen is refreshing. You can literally see the ingredients – crates of fruit, stacks of veggies, bunches of greens – going directly onto your plate in the kitchen. This is as real as it gets, and it’s really healthy. No matter what your diet, something here will suit your mood, like the vegan Breakfast Burrito or Butternut Squash Pizza.


If you’re a fan of super foods and feeling super healthy, make Curcuma your next stop. Curcuma serves food with intention from their food truck in East Austin, and we hear their Golden Mylk (a turmeric drink) is pretty fantastic. From 100% plant based ingredients, the chefs here are whipping up dishes like the Spirulina Pesto Zoodle Bowl along with a drink menu full of adaptogenic shots, smoothies, Mylks, coffees, and elixirs.


There are lots of restaurants in downtown Austin, but Koriente stands alone as the healthiest spot for Asian cuisine. An extended menu of curries, bowls, and bibimbap can be specialized however you like it. Want brown rice, tofu, and extra sprouts on your Obake Bowl? It’s their specialty. Plus the chefs here are sodium and oil conscious, so the fresh veggies in every dish shine even more.

Conscious Cravings

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Conscious Cravings proves that from their 2 food trucks in town. With fresh and 100% plant based wraps, salads, and smoothies, they blows other lunch options out of the water. Not a bit of their food is fried, yet the BBQ Seitan Wrap still tastes rich and delicious. Stop at the truck in Mueller during the Sunday Farmer’s Market and you’re in for a day of good eating.

This post written in part for Fitt, your the go-to resource for connecting with your local fitness community. Check out more of what they do in Austin, and in cities all around the US!


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