Vitacost & Why I Love It


I love saving money. I love vegan things. And I love Vitacost because I can shop there to do both of those at once!

Vitacost is the place to shop for health and wellness products online. If you’ve heard of Thrive Market, it’s similar to that – but NO membership fees! Just good ol’ every day low prices on the things you have to have but hate to shop for. Some of my favorite things to shop for on Vitacost are protein powder, supplements (see mine here), beauty products, and household supplies. I can search for things that are up to my vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic standards and always find a price better than in store.

I didn’t even mention their food selection yet either! You can find everything from bulk beans and grains to some of my favorite vegan snack foods on Vitacost It’s a bit dangerous, but will you ever really be upset you ordered too many snacks?

Some other noteworthy pros of shopping Vitacost:

  • There are constantly sales and coupons to be added for extra savings (they keep them nice and neat for you in the Promo Pocket section)
  • Delivery is always quick and on schedule – plus it’s free on orders over $49 so stock up!
  • You can buy your whole basket on Vitacost, while you may have to travel all over town to get those same items

I could rave on for a long while about the joy I get from ordering on Vitacost. See for yourself how it can simplify your shopping and help you find exactly what you’re looking for plus some new faves along the way!

There is much more to come from me regarding Vitacost, like my typical shopping list favorites and my best vegan post-workout smoothie recipe. Keep your eyes peeled for those posts coming soon!

 Click the image below to shop Vitacost!

If you choose to shop through Vitacost, I appreciate you clicking through and shopping from the links in this post. I do receive a small commission, so thank you for your support!

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