4 New Ways to be Eco-friendly in 2019

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There are lots of things you can resolve to better yourself in 2019. But how about you pick something that will not only make you better, but the world around you better too? Going all the way eco-friendly all at once is totally overwhelming, but I’ve got some fun new things for you to try in this list that are easier to tackle. We all know about biking to work and using re-usable grocery sacks (which you should be doing, it’s a no brainer) but there are tons of other things you can do in your life to be nicer to our stressed out and tired environment.

  1. Clothes swaps: Face it, you have too much clothing. So this year, resolve to buy less from fast fashion stores (H&M, Forever 21) that add waste, runoff, and pollution to the environment. You can get rid of what you don’t wear and get something new by having a clothes swap! This keeps old clothes out of the trash (people are actually out here throwing usable clothes in the trash) and lowers the demand for fast fashion stores. How it works: Everyone brings items from their closet they are ready to donate. Going around the group, each swapper shows and tells their items and the first person to call it, gets it. Hopefully your friends are fair and don’t hog all the good stuff! Not only is this a better for the planet, it is also good clean fun with your friends.
  2. Clean up your beauty products: You have something on your face. It’s sodium lauryl sulfate. SO MANY of the products we use on our face, body, and hair are pumped full of chemicals. This isn’t good for you, and the production of these chemicals isn’t good for the environment either. A lot of brands that make things that are better for you actually care about the environment too so it’s a win -win. Clean up your act with the ThinkDirty app. ThinkDirty will give you a rating from 1-10 of how bad a product is for you with 10 being the most harmful. I scan all my beauty products and have identified some favorite brands that live up to all my qualifications: vegan, cruelty free, limited or recyclable packaging, works well, and aren’t full of crap chemicals. This is an easy resolution because you already buy this stuff! Just start scanning it so you can find better brands. Some of my favorites are Acure, Andalou Naturals, Tarte, and EO. You can shop all those brands on Vitacost through the links provided!
  3. Think about your pet food: Your fur baby can help the environment too – so switch to a better pet food in 2019! Pet food often has meat and meals in it that are unsustainably sourced. Unlike humans, cats need to eat meat. Dogs can be vegan but usually eat meat (I am not an expert on this) so it’s important you get them food made with good meats. Whatever type of meat is in your pet food, check to see where it’s coming from. For my pet, I like to keep it simple with just fish (lowest on the food chain) and no meals (ground up animal product bits). Three brands I like and buy are Acana, Open Farm and Canidae because they are up front about their animal protein sourcing. This way, the meat you do buy is doing the least amount of harm to the environment.
  4. Go vegan: Just try Veganuary already! Veganuary is a nationwide movement to go vegan for the month of January and beyond. Sign up to be vegan for just one month and you will receive recipe ideas, meal plans, and all the info you need to become vegan. Hundreds of thousands of others sign up every year, so why not you? The benefits of veganism are for your health, the environment, and for animal welfare. As long as you aren’t being a junk food vegan and you’re taking your B12, this one month of veganism could be the start to the healthiest you’ve ever felt.

These are four things you can do, but there is so much more you can resolve to do that will help the environment. You might think something like switching to better beauty products has a small effect,  but really it’s all about being a more conscious consumer. Checking labels at Sephora leads to checking labels at the grocery store and pretty soon you’re a well informed consumer who knows the difference between a regular degular business and a certified B Corporation.

Leave a comment about what you are doing to help the environment in 2019, and if you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them! As always, I am here to help anyone who is transitioning to veganism and would like some guidance. Just message me on Instagram or email me to get started.

Happy New Year, may you live well and prosper in 2019!

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