PowerPlant Bootcamp

Join us at PowerPlant Bootcamp!

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There’s nothing like the ‘I can do anything!’ feeling you get post workout. Well, you can chase that feeling at PowerPlant Bootcamp — aka your new Sunday morning wake-up routine. Show up to Gillis Park in South Austin for this bootcamp and leave sweaty and smiling with a new friend or two!

Be your own power plant!

I started PowerPlant Bootcamp as a free monthly workout sesh in the park for friends. The spirit is to work out, hang out, and reward yourself with some food after — it’s more about getting together and feeling good than winning or beast-moding.

The workout itself is strength conditioning — you’ll keep your heart rate up while performing body weight strength exercises. Each monthly workout changes, but squat jumps, partner planks, and lunges are crowd favorites. However, no matter how low your lunges are or how long you can hold a plank, the attitude is community over everything. That means sweaty high-fives after partner squat holds and good vibes for the rest of the day.

Put me in coach

So, how does one get started with PowerPlant Bootcamp? Literally, you just show up with a yoga mat and full water bottle and I will handle the rest. You can find the group once a month on weekend mornings at 10 am at Gillis Park. The date is always posted on my Instagram page ahead of time.

Post bootcamp plans usually include food, whether it’s meeting at a vegan pancake brunch or homemade Banana Berry Muffins

A workout? Outdoorsy fun? With community and pancakes? Put this in your calendar and show up for yourself; you’ll be glad you did.