Nutrition and Training Services

Free Matching Survey/ Fitness Assessment 

  • Whether you’re looking for fitness or nutrition help (or both), my purpose here is to assess your goals and get to know each other.
  • Basically, reaching out to me is free! Don’t hesitate to reach out because you feel like you will have to pay immediately. You only pay once we have a session scheduled.
  • Your initial matching survey/fitness assessment is FREE!

Personal Training

  • Single Session – $70/hour, $40/half hour
  • 5 session pack (1 hour) – $315 (you get half of a session free and save $35!)
  • 10 session pack (1 hour) – $630 (you get one session free and save $70!)
  • Package Deal – Purchase any package of training and get your full month of nutrition coaching for $90 (regularly $120!)

Health Coaching – Month to Month

  • This is the full service option. With this plan, we will meet in person once a month. Our initial meeting will set the course for our work together. Based on your questionnaire, we will define your health goals and the steps we will take to get you there. Along with our monthly in-person check in, I will check in on your progress at least once every week to keep you informed and on track. Includes meal plans, grocery lists, macro-nutrient and calorie calculations + more.
  • $120/month of plant-based health coaching

Health Coaching – Package Deals

  • When you decide you love working together you can purchase a package deal for 3 months of coaching. This is a lasting commitment to your health that you won’t regret! Works especially well for those who struggle with personal accountability (all of us) because once you’ve paid for something you are more likely to follow through.
  • $300/3 months of plant-based health coaching (you save $60)

A la carte Nutrition and Fitness Guides

  • $120 for a 4 week program that includes 4 full weeks of workouts personalized to your body and goals. Think of this like a session with a personal trainer, I just won’t actually be there. $30/week to take your workout and motivation to the next level? Worth it. Plans are flexible for everyone from beginners to the more advanced.
  • $50 per week for a plant based meal plan + shopping list you can use again and again