Nutrition Services

PowerPlant Nutrition is based on the health coaching approach of Precision Nutrition. I offer personalized nutrition and fitness plans based on your lifestyle and goals.

Initial Online Survey Consultation – FREE!

  • My purpose here is to assess your goals. I want to help everyone! If your goals and my skill set match up then let’s get down to business. But, if I feel like another sort of professional would be able to help you more effectively meet your goals then I am happy to pass a client along to a friend.

1 Hour Monthly Meeting + personalized fitness program + nutrition plan – $80

  • includes a 4 week personalized workout program + a one week personalized nutrition plan (each additional week is $15)
  • This is the full package, full service option – you will have unlimited text/email access to your coach Ex.) Do you have a work lunch coming up but there’s not a single thing on the menu that won’t leave you too bloated to workout? Send me the menu and I’ll walk you through all the healthiest options!

A la carte Nutrition and Fitness Guides (no in-person meeting or unlimited access)

  • $40 – $50 per 4 week program (price depends on how many times you are working out each week)
  • $35 per week for a plant based meal plan + shopping list